Adventure in the Sky and Skiurlaub Tirol

May 1, 2009 – When someone mentions a skiurlaub tirol they somehow always forget to talk about the other outdoor adventures available in Tirol.  A skiurlaub in tirol adventure can also include tandem-sky diving, paragliding and ballooning.

Ok, so maybe not all of these half-a-mile high experiences can be done during the winterurlaub season in Tirol but they are still a great source of outdoor amusement.

Paragliding in the Alps is an unbelievable experience.  It does not involve jumping out of an airplane but is rather a smooth ride 1700 meters from the ground.  As you glide thru the sky of Tirol, you will get a poetic view of the mountains in a silence that will bring you peace and tranquility.

This outdoor activity is available for pretty much anyone to enjoy.

If you are looking for a bit more excitement in the skies of Tirol then I suggest diving from an airplane.  Not for the faint of heart, tandem-sky diving is available in the St. Johann, Austria area for those thrill seekers.

Imagine yourself falling 4,000 meters towards the ground at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.  Now that is a rush.  Safety is of course an issue but since we are talking about tandem-sky diving, you will be glad to know that a professional sky diver will be strapped to you as you enjoy your bird’s eye view of Tirol.

The next adventure in sky is perfect for families and those looking for a bit of romance in the sky.

A hot air balloon ride is a fun and peaceful way to enjoy the Tyrolean countryside in all of its glory.  Imagine your-self rising gently from the ground and floating in the air towards the heavenly sun in the sky.

A hot air balloon ride lets you admire sites that are only available from the sky.  That is the hot air balloon experience of Tirol.

So on your next trip to Tirol, don’t forget that they are other outdoor activities to be had in Tirol.  Tirol is the ultimate vacation sport for a skiurlaub as well as a sommerurlaub.

Each of these activities are available through the St. Johanner Hof Hotel help desk.

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Frank Jergen is a freelance travel and vacation writer that has seen and visited over 75 countries and lived in 25 of them.  He currently resides in St. Johann, Austria where he enjoys a well earned skiurlaub and Winterurlaub every year.  You can contact Mr. Jergen at