Skiurlaub Tirol - Top 10 Things to Enjoy

By Frank Jergen

February 24, 2009 – Skiurlaub in Tirol (skiing holiday in Tirol) is the focal point of winterurlaub for several European countries which include Österreich, Deutschland and Italy.  In my travels, I have been to the German, Austrian and Italian part of Tirol about 4 times each and every skiurlaub was as good as the last one.

As an experienced skier and traveler, it is time to share my list of top 10 things to enjoy while on a Skiurlaub in Tirol.

  1. Skiing – There is nothing like enjoying some skiing fun.  Whether you are there to compete or gently glide down the slope while enjoying the background scenery, this is what Tirol is all about.
  2. The Museums – For history lovers they are several museums about the history of Tirol from local history to general history.
  3. The Food – The cuisine of Tirol is a blend of Alpine and Mediterranean food that leaves little to be desired.  Make sure to try the Knödel (dumplings), Speckknödel (bread and speck dumplings), Schlutzkrapfen (ravioli filled with spinach and curds) and the Kaiserschmarren.
  4. The Scenery - If I was to move to Tirol, I would end up spending my days skiing during winterurlaub and the rest of the time I would write bad poetry as I stared into the dramatic backdrop of the mountains of Tirol.

    The crystal clear water of Lake Achen is another example of the scenery to enjoy in Tirol which gives the area an overall charm of peace and tranquility.

  5. Alpine Pasture Festival – This annual festival is a must see for anyone in the area during mid-September thru early October.  Where one can see a variety of local artist display their wares.
  6. Ski and Snow Competitions – They are always several snow competitions to be seen throughout the week in Tirol.  One of my favorite is the “Biathlon for Everybody” which takes place every Tuesday.  This Biathlon is a combination of cross-country skiing and shooting.
  7. Visit Medieval Castes – For those in search of hands on medieval history, visiting Tirol´s and Salzburg's many medieval castles is a must.
    • Schloss Goldegg - The oldest parts are from the 14th century. Inside there is large hall with frescos.
    • Schloss Fügen - A castle from the end of the 17th century with a tower from middle ages.
    • Burg Hohenburg - This fortress from the 13th century have been renovated in the end of 19th century.

      Tirol boasts over 30 medieval castles to visit so make sure to visit at least one of them.
  8. Alpine Coaster - Perhaps this is not for everyone but the Alpine Coaster is the highest coaster in the Alps and starts at 1500 meters.
  9. The Ice House – This is the biggest ice bar in Tirol that is located at Fugen in Zillertal.  Make sure to wear warm clothes and gloves when you go there because the average temperature inside is 5 degrees and beverages are served in glasses made out of ice!
  10. Skiing - Ok, I mentioned that one already but that is just to emphasize what Winterurlaub is about.  It´s about relaxing on the slopes.  Feeling the wind as your race downhill until night falls and do it again the next day.

Each person has their own views of what should be enjoyed while on a skiurlaub inTirol but all of mentioned items are worth checking out to fully experience the Tirol experience.

Frank Jergen is a freelance travel and vacation writer that has seen visited over 75 countries and lived in 25 of them.  He currently resides in St. Johann, Austria where he enjoys a well earned skiurlaub and Winterurlaub every year.  You can contact Mr. Jergen at