Family Skiurlaub and Sommerurlaub at Bargain Prices in Tirol

June 6, 2009 –  St. Johann, Austria is a great place for families looking for a skiurlaub tirol or a sommerurlaub at bargain prices.  This quaint little merchant town may not be as famous as the town of Kitzbühel but it is much more affordable for a family vacation.

St. Johann offers pretty much all of the amenities that Kitzbühel does and is located in one of Tirol’s prime location.  Since the town of St. Johann is located between Kaiser and the Kitzbüheler Horn mountains in the district of Kitzbühel, its location allows for easy mountain skiing and hiking access to its visitors.

Access to St. Johann is fairly easy being only 90 kilometers away from Innsbruck and Munich with trains running back and forth fairly often as well as buses that run between St. Johann and Kitzbühel every half hour.

During a winterurlaub, St. Johann offers affordable lodging and skiing for adults as well as for children which includes a ski school that even caters to small children.  The skiing trails available in the region are great for cross country skiing which will let anyone enjoy the scenery while getting some good clean exercise.

In the summer time, the mountains of Tirol are available for hiking, fishing, swimming and much more in nice friendly weather.

For family things to do, the choices are endless.  Starting with the village of St. Johann, they are countless festivals to enjoy as well as many cultural events.

Right now the town is getting prepared for its largest festival which is the Summer Night Festival better known as the “Jaggasn” that is held every year.  This year’s “Jaggasn” will begin on July 11.

This is the traditional summer festival of St. Johann when the whole town turns into a fairground.  Locals and visitors alike get to walk around the town to enjoy traditional food and drinks.

Make sure not to miss out on the opening of the first beer barrel which will be held at 18:00 Local time!

If you are a party going person and you intend on only going to one festival, this is the one to see.  Packed with many traditional and no-traditional bands throughout the night and day, many partygoers will party until the very hours of the morning.

For anyone wishing to enjoy the district of Kitzbühel for a bargain price family vacation, the best choice is to stay in St. Johann, Tirol and take day trips to the rest of the region from there.  Not only will you save money but you will be able to enjoy the great town of St. Johann, Tirol.

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