Good Bye Skiurlaub Hello Sommerurlaub

April 1, 2009 – The Winter months are officially over and even though the snow might linger around the mountain peaks of Tirol, a skiurlaub in Tirol is out of season.  As the seasons come and go, the Tirol region is now getting ready for the holiday fun with its sommerurlaub. 

One of the best ways to plan a vacation is around festivals.  Festival always gives the whole family something exciting to look forward to in a healthy and fun environment.  To help you plan your sommerurlaub in Tirol, here are some of the festivals that will be available this summer in the St. Johann area.

Mountains Aflame - A tradition that started when the locals would light bonfires on top of the mountain ranges of Tirol in order to force the power of the sun.  According to the local folklore, this was done to avoid evil from people and animals alike.

This is a spectacular experience for any Tirol visitor where they get to see hundreds of bonfires lit around the night sky of St. Johann.

This year this event will take place on June 20th starting at dusk.

Jaggasn Town Summer Night’s Festival – This is the traditional summer festival of St. Johann where locals and visitors alike get to walk around the town to enjoy traditional food and drinks.

If you are a party going person and you intend on only going to one festival, this is the one to see.  Packed with many traditional and no-traditional bands throughout the night and day, many partygoers will party until the very hours of the morning.

This year, the festival will start on July 9th.

The Traditional Lederhosen Festival – This festival is a must for all traditional-pant-wearing-leather-loving fans because it literally translates to the leather Pants festival (Tirolean Traditional Leather pants that is).

Held every year in the town square of St. Johann, this festival gives a chance for the locals to show off their best traditional clothes and take part in a bit of partying Tirolean style.

This includes beer mug lifting contests as well as some leg wrestling.  A live band plays an array of traditional and English songs and food and drink stalls are in evidence throughout the town square.

This year, the Lederhosen Festival will be held on July 22nd and make sure to wear your best lederhosen since a prize is also awarded for the best lederhosen.
These are but some of the many festivals that will be going this summer in St. Johann, Austria.  If you love festivals then make sure to come in July where a festival takes place every weekend.


Frank Jergen is a freelance travel and vacation writer that has seen and visited over 75 countries and lived in 25 of them.  He currently resides in St. Johann, Austria where he enjoys a well earned skiurlaub and Winterurlaub every year.  You can contact Mr. Jergen at