Skiurlaub Tirol Blues

March 19, 2009 - Your Skiurlaub in Tirol is over.  You are mopping inside of your home depressed and thinking about all of the long hours you spent on the slopes with the wind blowing thru your hair as you swerved left and right to the towards the foot of the mountain.

You miss the thrill of going thru the bunny jumps and swerving in and out of the trees while enjoying the scenic mountain views of the Kaiser

You miss the late night at the chalet where you enjoyed a hot meal over a warm fireplace with your friends and family.

Yes, your skiurlaub in Tirol is over but there is no need to feel down about it.  The next skiurlaub in Tirol will be upon you in just a few months and in the meanwhile, you can always go back to the St. Johanner Hotel in Tirol to enjoy their spring and summer activities.

Sure the heavy snow will be missing but the view will remain and you can still enjoy the peaks of the Wilder Kaiser and the Kitzbüheler Horn mountain range.

Tirol is not just about skiurlaub (ski holiday).  It is also about communing with nature and enjoying great relaxing fun in the Alps.  Such as:

  • Mountain Climbing – St. Johann is surrounded by mountains so pick one.
  • Hiking and Biking – The St. Johann area has 210 kilometers of footpaths and hiking trail to truly enjoy the beauty of the Alps.
  • Swimming – The St. Johann area has one indoor pool, three outdoor swimming complexes and a wellness center.  Another option is to visit the many lakes and rivers in the area.
  • Archery and Shooting Range - Numerous shooting ranges are available year round.
  • Golf – The Ferienregion contains 5 golf courses within 12 miles.
  • Kayaking and Rafting – Experience the joy of rafting in the many gorges and canyons of the rushing mountain streams and rivers of the Tirol area.

So before you start moping around your flat remembering all of the great times you had on your last skiurlaub in Tirol, just remember that Tirol will always remain available to you year round.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our off season prices available to you at the St. Johanner Hof in Tirol by going to You still get the full all-inclusive quality service that is offered at the St. Johanner Hof but at bargain summer prices!

Frank Jergen is a freelance travel and vacation writer that has seen and visited over 75 countries and lived in 25 of them.  He currently resides in St. Johann, Austria where he enjoys a well earned skiurlaub and Winterurlaub every year.  You can contact Mr. Jergen at