Tirol Attractions – Swarovsky Kristallwelten

April 17, 2009 – Tirol has many historical museums worth visiting but if you are in the Innsbruck area, the Swarovsky Kristallwelten (Crystal) Museum is a must see site.

Located in the small town of Wattens which is about half an hour away from Innsbruck by bus, the Swarovsky Kristallwelten Museum is a wonderful piece of and still functioning piece of Tirol history.

It all started in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski starting producing high quality crystals thanks to a precision cutting tool that he invented. 

Today, the crystal factory is still going on strong producing and shipping crystals all over the world.

The first thing visitors will notice when first arriving to the museum is the entrance   which is adorned by a huge sculpture of a giant head.  Water gushes out of the giant head’s mouth in a waterfall fashion giving the whole area an air of mysticism.

Once inside the building, you will get a view of the largest crystal in the world weighing a whopping 300,000 carats.  The overall experience is enhanced thanks to this giant crystal being paired with world’s smallest crystal.

As visitors go thru the museum, they will notice that all of the rooms are coated in semi-darkness.  This lets visitors truly enjoy the beauty of crystals and the art pieces made out of them by creating an iridescent glow around the crystals.

They are several rooms to visit in the museum like the Crystal Forest room which is comprised of crystals and wooden pieces of art suspended from the ceiling or like the Eno room which was named after the famed musician, Brian Eno and is a type of meditation chamber.

Calling this a factory museum would be totally off the mark considering that the art pieces in this museum could easily find themselves in the Louvre or at the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York City.

Anyone staying at a skiurlaub tirol hotel in the St. Johann or Innsbruck area definitively needs to take a look at the Swarovsky Kristallwelten Museum which has now become a major tourist attraction in the area.

Speaking of which, if you intend on visiting Innsbruck or St. Johann in the near future the month of May would be ideal since the “Music in the Giant” festival will be taking place at the museum.

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